Picture of 2020 Health Heroes

Do you know people or groups who have worked to protect, promote, and enhance the health of southern Idaho citizens? Nominate them to be our next Health Hero!

Congratulations to our 2020 Health Heroes!

Maisie Neilson (Youth under 18)

Maisie, a senior at Minico High School, jumped headfirst in finding out the facts about vaping products when she she became aware that friends and other students were sliding down a slope of misinformation released by tobacco and vaping companies. At the beginning of her Junior year, Maisie approached South Central Public Health District and the Minidoka Memorial Breathe Program, asking if she could become a part of the team that was working to bring the truth about vaping to her community. She became an important part in providing community presentations and in reaching area youth through lectures and interactive classes. Maisie has done a great job of connecting to peers and younger students who are often not interested in listening to adults.
Maisie, thank you for being a great example of a Health Hero to your peers, youth and the community!

Terry Lamb (Adult Volunteer)

Terry’s inspiring story started more than 12 years ago when he was broadsided by a pickup at high speeds. The horrific accident left Terry with a crumpled body and a Doctor’s warning that he’d be wheelchair bound by 26. Terry took that as a challenge to do better.
His route wasn’t easy. Terry has battled intense pain, multiple surgeries, depression, alcohol abuse, and PTSD to get where he is today. Still battling pain, but wheelchair free, Terry now competes in grueling obstacle courses and has earned the nickname “Tatted Ninja”. He uses his story and passion for life to inspire health and fitness in his community. Terry has multiple volunteer positions; serving as a community speaker, setting up obstacles at course events, and helping youth overcome their own life obstacles at his non-profit Ninja Sanctuary in Burley. In a Magic Valley News article, Terry told the reporter “I try to give 110 percent with everything I do, because tomorrow is never guaranteed.”
Thank you, Terry, for being a great example of a Health Hero and inspiring many of us with your hard work and perseverance!

James Rhom (Adult Professional)

James Rhom has brought personal preparedness training to the community’s doorstep through CPR classes, Stop the Bleed trainings, and other health education. As the main force behind the Community Health Emergency Medical Services program, James has helped incorporate EMS personnel into the general healthcare delivery system and extended the reach of primary care into a patient’s environment. He prioritizes personal and empathetic connection between EMS and their patients, bringing bedside manner into the field with him. In fact, James has made such an impact with his initiatives that he was nominated for the recognition several times!
Thank you, James, for championing a stronger EMS system, urging on effective education to empower our residents in emergency situations, and bringing another measure of empathy and humanity to healthcare in general. You are a great example of a Health Hero!

Minidoka Memorial Hospital’s Breathe Program (Group/Organization/Business)

The Breathe Program is using creativity and hands on engagement to both educate and motivate young people to care about their lungs. Stuart Young, Respiratory Director for Minidoka Memorial Hospital, has used 2-liter bottles and balloons to help young people construct lungs and learn about their function, walked learners through breathing exercises that simulate asthma, incorporated a popular pig lung display to help kids visualize the damage vaping and smoking can do to their system, and assisted youth as they dissected pig and cow lungs to see the damage drugs can do first hand. Through Stuart’s leadership, the Minidoka Memorial Breathe program has also partnered with South Central Public Health District’s Vaping program to offer education at school assemblies, health classes, family nights, staff training, and community meetings.
Thank you to Stuart and the Minidoka Memorial’s Breathe program, for pulling out all the stops to educate our residents about the risks of smoking and vaping, and the importance of healthy lungs.


Do you know people or groups who have worked to protect, promote, and enhance the health of southern Idaho citizens? Nominate them to be our next Health Hero!

For more information, email scphd@phd5.idaho.gov or call (208) 737-5900.