Coronavirus testing information banner

This page has information about COVID-19 testing, and actions you may take if you test positive. If you are visiting this page in response to a call from a COVID-19 investigator, please refer to the dark blue buttons below.

If you need to get tested for COVID-19 use the link below to find a provider in your area or call 211 to receive an at-home testing kit. If you are looking for a healthcare evaluation before you get tested, please contact a local hospital or your local healthcare provider. If you do not have a provider please dial 211 for assistance. If you are experiencing a health emergency please dial 911.

If you go in for testing it is crucial you isolate while waiting for results and stay isolated if you test positive. If you had contact with anyone up to two days before your symptoms started (or you tested positive) please contact them immediately and warn them they may have been exposed. See quarantine and isolation guidance here.

Community information hotline number: (208) 737-1138
Para cualquier pregunta llame al (208) 737-5965