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Food Protection

Applications and Forms

Permanent Food Establishments

Food Establishment License Application
Steps to Open a Food Establishment
Food Establishment Plan Review

Mobile Food Establishments

Mobile Food Establishment License Application
Steps to Open a Mobile Food Establishment
Mobile Food Unit Operational Plan

Temporary Food Establishments

Temporary Food Establishment License Application
Guidance for Temporary Food Establishments
Idaho Temporary Food Vendor Manual
Temporary Food Establishment Video

Cottage Foods (Fraternal/Benevolent/Charitable Organizations)

Cottage Food Assessment Form
Cottage Food Fact Sheet
Cottage Food FAQs

Idaho Food Code Variance Request
Food Processing

Starting a Specialty Food Business in Idaho
Product Development – Washington State University
Food Technology Center (Caldwell) – University of Idaho

Meat Processing – University of Wisconsin

FDA Facility Registration

Food Safety Guru

Land Development and Sewage Disposal


Septic Permit Application and Instructions
Self Inspection Form (Only to be used if an inspector indicates)
Planning and Zoning Review Letter
Site Evaluation
Large Soil Absorption System Report Form

Subdivision Application and Checklist

Email forms to

Swimming Pools


Application for Swimming Pool License