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Melody Bowyer
On Thursday, March 19th, Public Health officials confirmed Idaho’s first case of community
spread COVID-19. On March 20th, Dave Jeppesen, Director for the Idaho Department of
Health and Welfare, issued a shelter-in-place order for Blaine County to help limit the virus
from spreading rapidly within Blaine County and surrounding communities.

We support Health and Welfare’s action and request that you limit all non-essential travel to
or from Blaine County. We urge all Blaine County residents to stay indoors, except in case of emergencies or to conduct essential business and activities. Please continue to use video
chats, phones, email, and social media to socialize and unify at this time. Limiting face-to-face interactions in close proximity will help reduce the spread of this virus.

I know this is an uncertain and challenging time. I want to assure you, South Central Public
Health is working diligently with healthcare and local partners to address critical issues. Disease investigations are
underway and we are coordinating with state and local officials to secure much needed medical resources in order to
protect our healthcare workers so they can continue their efforts to care for ill patients. We will continue our epidemiological investigations and work with partners to mitigate the effects of this pandemic. We appreciate your willingness to follow current public health guidance, and your efforts to protect the most vulnerable among us.


Melody Bowyer, Director

COVID-19: What you need to know
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