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Senior Fall Prevention Program

Each year, one in three adults over the age of 65 falls. In 2010, Idaho Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responded to 9,619 fall-related calls for individuals 65 years of age or older.

When an older adult falls, it can create a domino effect on their health. They may suffer a severe injury, such as a hip fracture, resulting in lost mobility and subsequent loss of independence. The potential of being admitted to a long term care facility after a fall increases with age. Individuals who recover from a fall related injury may develop a fear of falling causing them to limit their activities, leading to reduced mobility and fitness. Their likelihood of falling again increases.

Falls Can Lead To

Senior exercising
  • Reduced mobility

  • Reduced independence

  • Increased admittance to long-term care facilities

  • Increased risk of premature death

Risk Factors for Falls

  • Lower body weakness

  • Problems with walking and balance

  • Taking four or more medications

  • Visual impairments

  • Chronic health conditions

Prevention Measures

  • Get regular medical check-ups

  • Vision checks

  • Medication reviews by your physician or pharmacist

  • Improve home environments

  • Improve lower body strength/balance by joining a Fit & Fall Proof™ Exercise Class

For More Information

For more information about the Senior Fall Prevention program, call the Senior Fall Prevention Program Coordinator for South Central Public Health District at 737-5988.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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National Institute on Aging
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Do It For Life!

Fit and Fall Proof™ Exercise Program

This exercise program is for individuals that want to improve their balance, strength, and mobility; the exercises are low-impact and can be done standing or while sitting in a chair. Classes are available in the following sites:







Carey Community Center

10:00 am

Tuesday & Thursday



First Segregation Fire Station

10:30 am

Tuesday & Thursday



Gooding Senior Center

11:00 am

Monday & Wednesday



Blaine County Senior Connection

10:00 am

Monday, Wednesday,
& Friday



Ageless Senior Center

10:30 am

Monday, Wednesday,
& Friday



Oakley Fire Station

11:00 am

Tuesday & Friday


Twin Falls

Twin Falls Senior Federation

10:30 am

Monday, Wednesday,
& Friday



Senior Wendell Housing

9:00 am

Tuesday & Thursday


In FY-2011, 379 (200 unduplicated) participants attended Fit and Fall Proof™ classes in SCPHD, comprising 5% of statewide Fit and Fall Proof™ attendance.

Findings analyzing the average of all participants in SCPHD who completed pre and post "Get Up and Go" tests report a statistically significant difference from pre to post test. (i.e. participants times were faster at pre-test showing an improvement in physical function such as mobility and balance.)

For more information, or to volunteer as a class leader, email the Fit and Fall™ Program Coordinator or call (208) 737-5988.

Photos from Fit and Fall Proof™ Classes:

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