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Idaho Disease Reporting and Control

Reportable Disease Laws             Reporting a Case             Reportable Diseases

Reportable Disease Laws

Legal authority for regulations protecting the health of the people of Idaho is granted to the Board of Health and Welfare. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has adopted regulations that contain the official requirements governing the reporting, control, and prevention of reportable diseases and conditions. A copy of these regulations may be obtained from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (Dept. of Health and Welfare, Epidemiology Services, 450 W State St., 4th Floor, Boise, ID 83720-0036).


Reporting a Case

All confidential reports must include:

  • Disease or condition reported

  • Patient's name, age, sex, address (including city and county), phone

  • Physician's name, address, phone #

24-hour Recorded Reporting: 1-800-632-5927

For immediate assistance from the State Epidemiology Program:

  • During Business Hours:  (208) 737-5966

  • Evenings or Weekends:  1-800-632-8000


Reportable Diseases

Each state has adopted a separate set of reportable diseases. Standards for reporting, control, and prevention may vary with each state. Many of the diseases are reportable in every state. The diseases must be reported to the state or local public health office following diagnosis within a set number of days (d) or hours (h) specific to each disease, and applies to health care providers, hospitals, and laboratories.


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