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What is the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)?

The Medical Reserve Corps is a nationwide program of private citizens and medical and public health professionals who sign up to serve as community volunteers during natural disasters, emergencies, and public health incidents.

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The mission of the South Central Idaho Medical Reserve Corps is to improve the health and safety of communities throughout the eight county district by organizing and utilizing public health and medical professionals.


MRC volunteers supplement existing emergency and public health resources and the overall health of Americans by participating in general public health initiatives, such as community health events. They are also critical resources during public health disasters. MRC units are regionally-based and function as a way to locally organize and utilize health and medical volunteers who can are willing to donate their time and respond to public health emergencies.



Can I Volunteer?

While doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are a core part of the Medical Reserve Corps, the MRC does not limit membership to those in the medical community.  Individuals without medical training can fill essential supporting roles.  Simply put, any citizen with an interest in helping keep their community prepared for an emergency is qualified to be in the MRC.


Medical Volunteers

Volunteers Needed:

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Pharmacists

  • Dentists

  • Veterinarians

  • EMTs

  • Social Workers

  • Mental Health Counselors

  • Clergy

  • Translators

  • Clerical Staff

  • HAM Radio Operators

  • Warehouse Workers

  • Transportation Workers

  • IT Specialists

  • Anyone who cares about his or her community and neighbors!

Medical Volunteers

Volunteer Now!

The South Central Idaho MRC is currently recruiting medical volunteers. If you are a practicing or retired medical or public health professional such as a physician, nurse, pharmacist, dentist, or epidemiologist and you are willing to volunteer during a local, statewide and/or national emergency, register today!

For more information, contact Adria Masoner, Medical Reserve Corps/Volunteer Idaho, Coordinator.


To register as a Medical Reserve Corps
member log on to:

  • Registration will take less than 30 minutes and can be completed over several sessions.

  • If you are interrupted during the registration process, your information will be automatically saved, and you will be able to come back to the Web site and continue at a later time.

  • Please do not use the refresh, stop, back or forward buttons on the browser and only single click buttons on a page.

  • Have available licenses, certifications, contact and personal information you may need to reference.

  • Required fields are designated with an asterisk (*). If required information has not been entered, you will be alerted during the registration process.

  • For your security, all communications are encrypted and you will be logged out automatically if you are inactive for more than 15 minutes.

  • We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later with JavaScript enabled to use this site. Please see your browser's help file for more information.

  • Due to Federal and State Laws/Guidelines a medical or healthcare professional volunteer must NOT have a sanctioned license and/or practice under a board order.





Medical Volunteers


An orientation is offered to all MRC volunteers. The orientation consists of a volunteer attending an in-person meeting (offered at least annually) or reviewing orientation materials on their own and completing an online evaluation. At the completion of either, volunteers will receive an official MRC identification badge, shirt, and other materials to assist them in their role as an MRC volunteer.


All MRC volunteers are encouraged to be compliant with the Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (OCVMRC) MRC Core Competencies (found at MRC Core Competencies Fact Sheet). Volunteers can meet the requirements by attending an orientation meeting (or reviewing orientation material on their own), completing a family preparedness plan, completing NIMS ICS 100 online, and completing a Behavioral First Aid course. Volunteers are also encouraged to take MRC Core Competencies Training either online or by hard copy. The Unit Coordinator will notify MRC volunteers of other optional training opportunities via written and electronic communication.

Just-In-Time Training (JITT)

At an emergency response location, MRC volunteers will receive Just-in-Time training. This training is specially designed to inform volunteers about the event, to provide the most current information about the incident, and to prepare volunteers to serve in the POD in a defined job function. All job functions assigned will be within the capabilities of the member. If at any time, a member is assigned a job function that he or she does not feel trained to perform, cannot perform because of physical limitations, or is not willing to perform for any other reason, the member should advise the assigned supervisor or the Volunteer/Member Coordinator at the site immediately for reassignment. MRC volunteers should not attempt to perform a job function that is outside of their personal comfort level or their scope of practice.