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Health Heroes

Congratulations 2014 Health Heroes!

2014 Health Heroes

Jeaneth Glenn, Jeff Martin, Jennifer Crystal, Jamie Tigue, Kris Stoffer, Lynsey Mingo accepting for Dr. Smith, Carol Springer accepting for Dr. Symington



Dr. Banu Symington
Dr. Symington has worked tirelessly to improve the health of our community. She is a champion for HPV vaccination that has the potential to eliminate/prevent multiple cancers. She has done several guest blogs for Dr. Pate, the CEO for St. Luke's. As a community cancer care provider, she was also named to, and serves on the Breast Cancer Research Group for SWOG (Southwest Oncology Group). She has won multiple awards, both within St. Luke's and nationally, for her involvement and enrollment of patients in clinical trials. In addition to her work both locally and nationally, Dr. Symington maintains her practice in Twin Falls and Wood River, always doing what is best for each and every patient she sees.
Nominated by Peggy Berrey, RN

Dr. Charles Smith
Dr. Smith is a Radiation Oncologist with St. Luke's Mountain State Tumor Institute. He is a very intelligent, caring individual, even though he doesn't say much. He always goes the extra mile to make sure his patients get the best possible care.
Nominated by Suzanne Alder

Blaine County Recreation District (BCRD)
The BCRD is focused on health every day. Everything they do for their community has healthy, active recreation at the center. It is their mission to ensure that all people in Blaine County have access to great physical experiences 365 days a year, both indoors and out, that allow them to be their best and most healthy, every day. From kids baseball, soccer, and basketball, to Nordic skiing to walking and riding a bike on the Wood River Trail. The BCRD facilitate and create many ways for everyone, winter and summer, to be healthy through recreation.
Nominated by Kris Stoffer

Dr. Brenda Grogan
Dr. Brenda Grogan has operated the Healthy Way for 20 years, most of which I have gone to her. She is a wonderful person and Doctor. She has been in the health field for over 30 years as a nurse, Naturopathic Doctor, mid wife and much more. She teaches many classes as a service to the community.
Nominated by Michelle Park

Jaime Tigue
She is the organizer/leader of the Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee (MaVTEC) which raises funds through 6 run/walk events to add to and improve our fitness trails around Twin Falls. As a Physical Education instructor at CSI, she teaches training and fitness classes to all ages both during and after her normal work hours and inspires so many to get active through various forms of fitness—especially walking and running.
Nominated by Bill Greene, Lorinda Horner, Daragh Maccabee, Michelle Martin, Christi Hollifield, Jeff Martin, and Mark Alexander

Janet Renaldi
Janet is one of the most dynamic diabetes educators known. My son diagnosed with diabetes 9 years ago was taught, mentored, and counseled by Janet, as were his clueless parents. We haven't seen her in at least 5 years but her name is the first one we bring up when someone needs help. Her abilities to explain the important details, minor details or anything are on a level like no other.
Nominated by Cyndi Cooper

Jeaneth Glenn
Jeaneth works full time, is a mother, and wife. She is also the most creative water Zumba instructor ever. Last year she helped set a record for the most women doing water Zumba at one time at the City Pool. She also taught a class this last year in the Philippines.
Nominated by Suzanne Hawkins

Twin Falls YMCA Fitness Instructors
My family would like to nominate the Twin Falls YMCA group fitness instructors and trainers! They have helped our family lose a combined total of almost 100 lbs! I love how they encourage and support all the members at the Y! The "lose it" classes are a great way to get educational information on nutrition and how to stay fit and healthy! Their positive attitudes and constant encouragement is what I think helps keep people on their personal journey to getting healthy!
Nominated by Marsha Low

Jeff Martin
Jeff is a great role model to the community in the health and fitness area. He has overcome so many bad habits and has become a great influence for others to become healthier. He proves that it doesn't matter how old you are or how bad of shape you are, anyone can change and be healthier. I think he is very influential because others can relate to him, and he is always willing to share his story and advice to help others become healthier. He is now an avid runner and has completed and volunteered for many races in the Magic Valley.
Nominated by Christi Hollifield

Jennifer Crystal
Jennifer Crystal is the spirit of healthy living. She is our Health teacher, P.E. teacher, track coach and Jr. High Sports coach at Murtaugh Elementary, Jr. High and High School. She has taught and coached all my children and her philosophy never changes. She is always encouraging students and parents about the importance of eating right, getting exercise, and living healthy.
Nominated by Kali Sherrill

Dr. Joseph Ippolito
Dr. Ippolito really cares about his patients. He really goes above and beyond to make sure his patients get the best possible care. He's so popular you can hardly get in to see him, because everyone wants an appointment. He is always very caring and concerned about his patients.
Nominated by Suzanne Alder



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