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Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division of South Central Public Health District works closely with other state and local agencies to ensure safe drinking water, safe food, and healthful environments in the communities in which we live.

Environmental Health Specialists are assigned to each of the eight Magic Valley Counties. These trained individuals issue permits, conduct plan reviews, and make environmental assessments for a variety of programs including food safety, child care, swimming pools, subsurface sewage disposal systems, drinking water and land development. Our staff carries out important educational and preventative functions, as well as the regulatory functions, by conducting classes for food service workers, pool operators, sewage system installers and providing additional information by request.

Environmental Health Programs and Services

Norovirus outbreaks from contaminated food are very common.  Talk to your patients about using safe food practices in the home.

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Bedbugs are making their way back into the United States and back into the Magic Valley. For information about bedbugs please click here.


Mold is ubiquitous. That means that mold spores are everywhere – but what allows them to grow – in your window sills, on your bathroom walls, or in your crawlspaces? You can get more information by clicking here.


People can become infected with hantavirus through contact with rodents or their urine and droppings. For more information about hantavirus click here.

Flood Information

If flooding or other natural disasters occur in your area, the following link provides information about how to protect your home and help you assess your food and water supply. The Environmental Health division of South Central Public Health District handles well and septic system questions, as well as food supply information for businesses. You may contact an Environmental Health Specialist in the local SCPHD offices in Bellevue, Burley, Gooding, Jerome, Rupert, and Twin Falls.

Are You Prepared for a Flood?


Kids holding Child Care sign

Child Care

Environmental Health Specialists provide technical assistance relative to disease prevention and general hygienic practices for child care operators. We also conduct inspections for licensed child care facilities and for child care providers registered with the Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP).

The Idaho State Training and Registry System
( IdahoSTARS ) is devoted to increasing public awareness about the importance of quality child care. Parents and childcare providers may access many other resources on this website.

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Food Protection Services

Environmental Health Specialists inspect, permit, and provide consultative services to food service establishments. We also review applications for temporary food operations and review plans for new food establishments.

We develop training curriculum and provide training classes for food service workers upon request. Our training classes are offered with Spanish and Bosnian interpretation assistance upon request. Alternative food safety certification is available on line free of charge at

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Food Establishment Inspections

The Idaho Food Code

Farmer's Markets


Indoor Air Quality

Environmental Health Specialists provide information on a variety of indoor air contaminants that are asthma triggers and environmental health hazards. This section covers secondhand smoke, dust mites, mold, radon, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, asbestos, lead, chemical storage, and child safety in the home. Information provided explains the health effects, how to test for various contaminants, what precautions to take, and where to get additional information.

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Land Development

Environmental Health Specialists review applications, provide consultations and site review services to facilitate the removal of sanitary restrictions on subdivisions. For more information, contact an Environmental Health Specialist in your local South Central Public Health District office.

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Mortgage Surveys

Home buyers, banks and other lending institutions may request an inspection of the existing well and subsurface sewage system construction, setbacks, and water quality as a condition of the sell or refinance of a property. Environmental Health Specialists will conduct this inspection, take appropriate water samples, and submit an “as is” report to the requestor. If there is a water quality issue, the EHS will consult with the requestor about procedures to remedy the problem.

How to Sanitize a Well

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Public Drinking Water Monitoring

Environmental Health Specialists provide technical assistance and monitoring oversight for small public drinking water systems. For further information contact the Drinking Water Coordinator or call your local South Central Public Health District office.


Sewage Disposal

Environmental Health Specialists review applications and issue permits for new installations, enlargements, and replacement subsurface sewage disposal systems. South Central Public Health District also provides education, testing, and licensing for subsurface sewage installers.

Lists of installers and pumpers are provided as a public service, but SCPHD does not make recommendation or guarantee any of the contractors on the list.  We suggest you thoroughly research a firm's qualifications and history before contracting with them.

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Solid Waste

South Central Public Health District conducts licensing and inspection of municipal solid waste facilities and transfer stations. We also provide technical assistance regarding disposal of miscellaneous products.

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Swimming Pools

Environmental Health Specialists review plans for new and remodeled pools. We also provide consultations and annual inspection services for public swimming pools.

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Vector Control

Environmental Health Specialists provide technical assistance for the control of mice, ticks, mosquitoes, bedbugs, or other known vectors of disease. For further information contact the Pest Abatement District or call your local South Central Public Health District office.


Mosquito Abatement


If you would like more information about mosquito abatement districts, please click the link below to review Idaho statutes regarding the formation and operation of districts.

Mosquito Abatement Districts

Twin Falls County Pest Abatement District


Well Water Testing

South Central Public Health District does not test well water, but we can provide you with the tools to have your water tested. For free sample collection bottles and technical assistance, contact your local public health office.

How to Sanitize a Well

The Private Well Class:
Free Online Training for Homeowners with Water Wells


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Resources and Links


Idaho Administrative Codes

58.01.03: Individual/Subsurface Sewage Disposal Rules

58.01.06: Solid Waste Management Rules

58.01.08: Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems

58.01.15: Rules Governing the Cleaning of Septic Tanks

16.02.14: Rules Governing Construction and Operation
of Public Swimming Pools in Idaho

16.02.19: Food Safety and Sanitation Standards for
Food Establishments (The Idaho Food Code)

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