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Farmers Market Vendor Test

The test for vendors who attended the Farmers Market Training on May 9 is now available. You can print the test, answer the questions and mail it in to us, or click on the link below to take the test online. The tests will be scored, and you will be sent a certificate of completion when you pass.

Download the test, print, and mail in; or,

Take the online test

(Please include your contact information when you take the test, so we know where to send the certificate.)

Presentations from the Farmers Market Vendor Training

The Ins and Outs of Canning

Food Handling and Sampling at Farmers Markets

Good Agricultural Practices: Reduce Risks of Microbial Contamination During Production



Farmers Market Pocket Guide (2 to a page)

Farmers Markets and Local Food Marketing from the USDA

Guidance for Temporary Food Vendors

Farmers Market Information

Farmers Market Brochure

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