Dental Health Statistics Quiz

1. What chemical is used in varnish?

  • Fluoride

  • Florasine

  • Floorshine

2. Where do cavities hide?

  • In the soft tissues of your sinuses

  • In pits and fissures in your molars

  • Under your bed

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Network of Care

South Central
Public Health District
1020 Washington St N
Twin Falls ID 83301-3156
(208) 737-5900


Dental Health for Children

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Fluoride Varnish

South Central Public Health District offers fluoride varnish to children to help protect their teeth from cavities.

The varnish is quick and easy to apply, and the concentration of fluoride is twice as high as the standard fluoride gel.

The varnish remains on the teeth for 24 hours after application, releasing fluoride into smooth surface areas of the teeth, and then is brushed and flossed off.

This type of varnish can be applied to teeth in difficult patients when a conventional gel that takes more time may not be possible.

Varnish Clinics

To schedule a fluoride varnish appointment,
talk to your WIC staff or call the numbers below:

Location Date Call:

Twin Falls

December 5



December 12



January 16, 2015


Twin Falls

January 30, 2015



Medicaid and insurance will be billed. If you have dental coverage, please make sure you complete that section on the permission form. Even if you don't have dental coverage, your child may still participate in this program.

Printable Varnish Clinic Information in English and Spanish

Sealant Clinics

Registered dental hygienists will be placing sealants, which are a safe coating that is painted onto the chewing surfaces of a child's back teeth. This coating helps protect teeth from cavities by keeping germs and food out of the deep grooves in the surface of the teeth. Fluoride varnish will also be provided to all children receiving sealants.

SCPHD will bill Medicaid, Blue Cross, Regence, and Delta Dental for these services; however, children who are uninsured can still be seen at these clinics.


Dental Sealant Clinics

Location Date Information:



English Permission Form
Spanish Permission Form


Sealant Program Flyer:  English     EspaƱol

Check back later for a list of more schools!



Through a grant from DentaQuest, SCPHD and volunteer hygienists will be providing fluoride varnish to children in Early Head Start in Twin Falls, Jerome, and Rupert in 2014. For more information please contact the program coordinator.

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Idaho Oral Health Action Plan

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